grids smartFeeder

grids <sup>smartFeeder</sup>

The grids smartDecentralizedProduction module simulates the effects of growing decentralized power generation systems within the low-voltage network. Data for this is collected from geo-information systems, tariff and consumption data, electro-technical load flow calculations, and a solar potential maps. Subsequently, various roll-out scenarios are simulated and represented in real time for each transformer circuit and for the network area as a whole. Combined with costs taken from a price list, necessary reinvestment costs can be read directly from this module.

  • Simulation of load-profiles in low-voltage-networks
  • Simulation of costs
  • Show maps and single feeders
  • Showing coloured low-voltage grid
  • Optimizes load bottlenecks and financial effects on low-voltage grids when decentralized feeders are growing
  • Internal and external communication system for technical and financial consequences of production decentralization
  • Easy and understandable visualization of complex technical issue