grids smartCity

grids <sup>smartCity</sup>

In recent times, the public has become very aware of energy-efficiency problems and these are currently an inherent part of the political agenda. There are at present plenty of concepts and ideas, making a neat and transparent basic data set an absolute must.

With grids smartCity, enersis offers a configurable standard software solution which helps local authorities to make these issues transparent and understandable:

  • Solar potential maps
  • Wind potential maps
  • Geothermal maps
  • 3D city models
  • Energy balance
  • Energy-mix calculation
  • Citizen portal
  • Energy density maps
  • Grid infrastructure
  • Decentralized suppliers
  • Public lighting
  • Comprehensive solution for monitoring all regional energy issues
  • Rapidly viable and cost-effective energy portal
  • Flexible, expandable application through modular design
  • Integration of existing solutions and maps (PV cadastre, network data, …)
  • New, modern communication channel to create transparency towards the public