grids smartAssets

grids <sup>smartAssets</sup>

The asset management of production and network facilities has arrived in the core processes of utilities companies. Strategies, processes and functions are defined and set up – with the optimization of network management usually being the central goal or even corporate purpose. Comprehensive AM IT solutions, however, are not to be found on the market. enersis suisse AG fills this gap with its new and modern approach based on SAP HANA®.

  • data pool for all relevant asset data
  • integration of
    • outages
    • grid infrastructure
    • revenue
    • cost
    • client structures
    • asset data
  • intelligent, individual algorithms for invest and maintenance evaluation
  • map-oriented visualization of measures
  • integration of substation load profiles
  • integration of feeder simulation
  • optimization of the investment and maintenance costs
  • integration and improvement of technical planning processes
  • visualization and control of investment strategies
  • logging for regulatory bodies
  • centralization of the technical controlling (AM, ERP, outage management, revenue structures, …)