grids EEGmap

grids <sup>EEGmap</sup>

The grids EEGmap is a free public portal that presents processed data on all of the 1.5 million EEG-feeders currently registered in Germany in a simple and easy-to-understand way. In this portal, devices are allocated to their districts and weighted against the average. This makes it easy to identify where solar or wind power is most successful and how it is geographically distributed as well as showing the eventual cash flows contributed by EEG-feeders in Germany.

  • Map-oriented visualization of all EEG-feeders in Germany
  • Drill-down from nationwide overview to details of single production site
  • Maps of transport grid and TSOs
  • Public information portal on current status of EEG-devices and allocation of costs in Germany
  • Weighted ranking of development of renewable energy systems in each community and district in Germany