The enersis Team event


The Teamevent in Switzerland - a slightly different travel report

As a student, it is not common to travel to another country with the company for three days to celebrate the past year, share visions and to bring new colleagues on board in the right manner. And when I think about that, I would not have wanted that with my previous employers. At enersis this is different, because the team is young, dynamic, international and humorous, which makes the interaction very pleasant. That is why I had no concerns when at the end of September the whole enersis team went to a team event to the beautiful Switzerland.

Early on Thursday morning, we (the Berlin team) met at the airport Tegel and just two hours later we sat in one of two buses on the way from Zurich to Berne. Students like us, whether from the software development or consulting, work very closely with our Swiss colleagues, but usually not with all of them, and therefore we know only a part of our colleagues from video conferences and e-mail contact. It was all the more wonderful to meet the people behind the voices and also completely new faces when we arrived at the office in Berne.

After a small lunch in the office and a short visit to a Swiss chocolate store, we went on to Brienz, a small town at a beautiful lake, surrounded by mountains that are more than 2000 meters high. With an old steam locomotive, we drove with a deafening volume and a pace that allowed us to enjoy the great view right up to the Brienzer Rothorn where we should stay the night. Checked in at the hotel on top of the mountain, we went to the team meeting, where our largest projects were presented by the heads and employees of each division. Afterwards, we enjoyed the sunset over the roofs of the world and then went into a relaxed and especially funny evening with lots of laughter.

With a considerable lack of sleep, I got up early the next morning to view the sunrise. However, I was not the only one who did not want to miss the breathtaking view. Three crazy people were even jogging at that point. After an extensive breakfast, we went back down into the valley and towards Grimselpass. The program foresaw a visit at a hydroelectric power plant all in the sense of "renewable energies". For this, we drove almost a kilometer through a tunnel into a mountain, until we were almost 50 m under the bottom of Grimselsee. Our guide showed us the huge turbines, operated by millions of liters of water and supplying electricity to more than one million households in Switzerland. I found it incredible how people could blow through several kilometers of rock nearly a hundred years ago, and then build entire power stations under the earth. The rest of the day was free to spend and some of us (including me) enjoyed the time in the wellness areas of the second hotel. In the evening, we sat together at the campfire and exchanged funny stories under a clear sky full of stars, explained each other natural phenomena, measured us in small competitions and simply enjoyed the moment in a beautiful environment until late at night.

The last day started with our quarterly “Infohöck”, which our managers use to inform us about the company's position, the achievement of our goals and the future development of enersis. There is a lot going on and the company is growing rapidly. Afterwards, around noon we drove back to Brienz to enjoy once more the view at lake Brienz and its surroundings out from a restaurant. This ended our three days in Switzerland.

I found this year's team event was a mix of incredible fun, getting to know each other and an impressive environment that made it feel like a holiday. You can tell from the atmosphere of the team that everyone was feeling comfortable and had three really great days and I believe the team spirit has also grown strongly by that.

Daniel Wäsch