Takeaways from SAPPHIRE NOW 2017


Takeaways from SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 – enersis participating for the first time

Follow-up emails had been sent out, the inbox is cleaned up, and other backlogs also processed, so finally there is some time to reflect SAPPHIRE NOW – what did we take away from it (apart from the mandatory aircon cold).

In a nutshell: a lot on various levels!

Inspiration and Motivation

Co-founder Hasso Plattner’s keynote on the “Intelligent Future” gave a clear perspective and reactions on social media showed the key role he still plays for everybody at SAP. His messages and ideas on the development of the company are crisp and clear and a good motivation for all participants – also for us: UI/UX are more important that the marketing dollars spent, user friendliness is everything – one screen to the user.

Despite its size, SAP has managed in many fields to keep or revive its agility and flexibility, and without any doubt, the dynamics and visionary yet the down-to-earth power of the co-founder as well as the teamwork at senior management level are decisive for this capability. Inspirational for any startup when it comes to leadership and team building.

Perspectives and Confirmation

One of the highlights at SAPPHIRE was the positioning of Leonardo as THE digital innovation platform for SAP which bundles IoT, Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, etc. The Virtual Reality presentation of the platform was in high demand with waiting times of up to one hour. Of similar high interest was the SmartCity demonstrator with a city mockup and application demos for digital applications.

In both fields, we see the direct impact for enersis. Our grids framework is somehow the small version of the Leonardo approach as it provides the platform for all digital topics and analytics applications in the energy industry. In addition, we can perfectly align and integrate our SmartCity energy applications with the SAP activities in this field.

Networking and Opportunities

Another good news for us as a partner was the announcement to reposition the SAP App Center as the central platform for all partner offerings, considering sales through this channel in SAP sales targets and incentives. With this move, we can present our own enersis Digital Energy Boardroom with all its HANA-based application to the entire SAP network while in parallel intensifying joint activities with the SAP Digital Boardroom and Cloud for X teams, mainly in Energy, Real Estate, and SmartCity, on solution level and for further product integration. We had several good discussions with the SAP experts and follow-up meetings have been scheduled.

Taking the SpaceX rocket launch at Cape Canaveral on the day before the event as a perspective for the coming months: the sky is the limit!

Thanks to Manju Bansal and his SAP Startup Focus team, especially Luisa Silva for their great support and the invitation to participate – we are looking forward to 2018 already!