E.ON subsidiary EKN and innogy subsidiary DigiKoo rely on enersis


E.ON subsidiary EKN and innogy subsidiary DigiKoo rely on enersis

A joint venture with the E.ON subsidiary e.kundenservice Netz (EKN), various projects with DigiKoo, a 100% innogy subsidiary, and a new partnership with a Smart City specialist: the company specializing in data analytics Enersis suisse AG is increasingly establishing itself on the market for innovative software solutions for the energy sector.

 Software services for the energy transition: With this focus, visual-analytics specialist enersis suisse AG has developed various solutions in recent years - for example, to calculate the energy efficiency of cities to compare renewable energies and the optimize the rollout of Smart Meters. Among the customers and cooperation partners are the energy companies innogy and E.ON:

 1. DigiKoo: Energy portal just before the go-live and e-mobility app in the internal pilot project

(I.) Together with DigiKoo GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of innogy, enersis has developed an energy portal designed as an information platform for municipalities and citizens. The online platform has several modules, including a photovoltaic (PV) service. This supports the user from the examination of the appropriate roof surfaces, the financing of the plant, their configuration up to the grid connection test throughout the entire process of setting up a PV system. Other modules provide municipalities with easy monitoring of the energy balance or an overview of renewable energy systems and their performance. For four municipalities in the area of Westnetz, the service is currently being tested internally as a pilot. Three other network operators are already planning to make the portal available to their local authorities.

(II.) The E-Mobility app is primarily a service for energy suppliers. The charging station infrastructure for electric vehicles has not yet been sufficiently developed in cities and municipalities. At the beginning, it is unclear where the stations are necessary and useful, or what they cost - especially regarding the existing network infrastructure. "The app will later also include owners of electric vehicles," says enersis project manager Florian Hampel, "because the app allows them to tag the place where they want a charging station." The respective network operators can simultaneously check whether these stations are sensible for the infrastructure (networks and roads) and whether the network can cover the additional electricity demand in the most popular locations. Since early July, a small team of DigiKoo and enersis has been testing the app in a pilot project.

 2. greenited GmbH: Joint venture established, pilot started in Schleswig-Holstein

In May 2017, enersis, together with the E.ON subsidiary e.kundenservice Netz GmbH, founded the joint venture greenited GmbH. At www.greenited.net, Hamburg-based company already operates a free online portal for the calculation and visualization of CO2 emissions as a basic version. "Greenited combines the complementary competences of energy and software experts as well as the market access of a market leader in energy supply within a solution platform from enersis," explains Dr. Christina Würthner, Managing Director at enersis. The goal is to develop and offer new services for network operators, energy suppliers, counties, cities and communities, as well as companies. The enersis grids framework provides the technological basis for this. The latest pilot project is a specific portal for in Northern Germany, which calculates CO2e emissions in agriculture, transport, waste, stationary energy or industry in detail up to the municipal level of Schleswig-Holstein.

 Newpartnership with CREM spin-off in Western Switzerland

Applications for the cities of the future are developed together with the company Navitas Consilium S.A. (NCSA), whose majority shareholder has been enersis since the end of June. NCSA was founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the Center de Recherches Energétiques et Municipales (CREM) in Martigny, near Lausanne. Together, both companies are pursuing the goal of implementing one of the most modern solution platforms in the Smart City segment for energy and heat applications in municipalities, cities and regions in partnership. "With its grids framework, Enersis is leveraging its platform, data expertise and visual analytics expertise, and our concepts and applications for the energy planning of cities and communities," said Gabriel Ruiz, NCSA's Managing Director and co-owner.