Exciting adventures ahead !


Exciting adventures ahead !

With Carola Kruschke, Mandy Urban, Johannes Sigulla and Holger Schroeter, four new colleagues in the Kleinmachnow office and with Jonas Schwery one colleague in the Bernese office started the adventure enersis. The newcomers have mastered their first working days with great pleasure, enthusiasm, and humor, and have already become part the team.

As a team assistant, Carola is holding the scepter firmly in her hand and has been proving her organizational talent since mid-June. Since July 1, Mandy Urban has already successfully implemented her programming skills in the front-end area in the development & IT team. Just like Holger Schröter - our new IT system administrator, who holds all cables securely and firmly in his hand and ensures that all data is secured.

Johannes Sigulla also started on July 1st. With him, we could win an experienced consultant from the industry for us. He will build up the German sales force and strengthen the consulting team. He is supported by Domino, the little Havanese dog, who even performs one or other trick for dog biscuits.

Jonas Schwery, the youngest newcomer in the Swiss office, will support the development & IT department as a working student – he also promised to teach his colleagues the "Walliserditsch". Whether the Cane Corso puppy names Ares will pick up the language soon, we’ll have to see. He is also one of the newbees all most likey protect Désirée’s desk.

We are happy about the new arrivals - because we have made many plans. Our analytics platform grids is going through a significant re-engineering process, and we have been able to secure some new projects (stay tuned for the follow up ...)

And if you are interested in the adventure enersis ... just have a look at http://enersis.ch/en/jobs.html we are looking for new people to join us.