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    software services for the energy revolution

We want to make a substantial contribution to the energy transition that’s our one big goal. We took all the knowledge we collected in many years of IT consulting in the energy industry and built our cutting-edge software grids from it. Now you can make more of your data, without much effort. Digitalization and Big Data have never been this easy.

grids for utilities

grids for utilities

Solutions for asset management, simulations of decentralised feeders, outage management, sales analysis or new web-based customer services. Our grids framework provides utilities companies with solutions never seen before to deal with all the modern-day data challenges along the value-chain.

grids for cities, municipalities and energy co-operatives

grids for cities, municipalities and energy co-operatives


enersis offers ready-to-use energy-efficiency portals for local authorities of all shapes and sizes. Quick and easy to install, these portals are the basis for local politics, companies, co-operative members and citizens in an integrated energy concept and provide transparency to monitor progress. We help you at every stage, from design to operation.

grids for companies

grids for companies

Sustainability has become a strategic topic for large, international companies, whether they are concerned with energy balance, CO2 footprints, or identifying and implementing specific energy-saving measures. We provide solutions which oversee these issues for you in a modern and cost-efficient manner. On top of that those energy data analyses in combination with other process data can be used for completely new findings.
As energy and IT experts it’s not just software that we bring to the table…

grids for citizens

grids for citizens

The energy transition comprises a variety of very complex technical and economic spheres of activity which are sometimes quite intransparent and difficult for non-experts to understand. enersis has the aspiration to make those facts available to the public in a transparent yet comprehensive and understandable way.

grids <sup>smartCity</sup>
grids smartCity

Energy-efficiency portal solution for cities, communities and citizens as a basis for a regional, integrated energy concept

grids <sup>smartCity 3D</sup>
grids smartCity 3D

Analysing and identifying public refurbishment opportunities

grids <sup>smartFeeder</sup>
grids smartFeeder

Simulation of decentralized production growth in low-voltage-grids

grids <sup>smartAssets</sup>
grids smartAssets

Integrated solution for a strategic and operational asset management system within utility companies

grids <sup>EEGmap</sup>
grids EEGmap

Free and public portal of decentralized production in Germany

grids <sup>smart station</sup>
grids smart station

Synthetic load profiles based on consumption and decentralized energy production data

grids <sup>smart company retail</sup>
grids smart company retail

Information system for company-wide sustainability management


enersis’ commitment to SAP HANA represents another milestone in the success story of our in-memory technology. We are thrilled that our first OEM partner for SAP HANA is a small company.

Stephan Sieber Managing Director at SAP Switzerland

  • BKW FMB Energie AG, Schweiz and enersis suisse ag
  • cc energie s.a., Schweiz and enersis suisse ag
  • Bundesamt für Energie BFE, Schweiz and enersis suisse ag
  • Stadtwerke München GmbH and enersis suisse ag
  • Westnetz GmbH and enersis suisse ag
  • CKW and enersis suisse ag
  • Lechwerke AG (RWE Konzern) and enersis suisse ag
  • Stadtwerke Bonn GmbH and enersis suisse ag
  • e.on and enersis suisse ag
  • Energie Uster and enersis suisse ag
  • AEW Energie AG and enersis suisse ag
  • Stadtwerke Konstanz and enersis suisse ag
  • sap and enersis suisse ag
  • virtualcitySYSTEM and enersis suisse ag
  • tum and enersis suisse ag
  • LADV and enersis suisse ag
  • DT and enersis suisse ag
  • EC and enersis suisse ag
  • everywhere and enersis suisse ag
  • innflow and enersis suisse ag
  • TUB and enersis suisse ag
  • NiCon Niffenegger Consulting GmbH
  • PW Informatik GmbH
  • almato and enersis suisse ag
  • exitb and enersis suisse ag
  • bme and enersis suisse ag
  • Swiss Cleantech and enersis suisse ag
  • Berlin Brandenburg energy network and enersis suisse ag
  • Bitkom and enersis suisse ag
  • HM and enersis suisse ag
  • Basecamp4HighTech and enersis suisse ag
  • tetraedersolar and enersis suisse ag
  • topGRIDS and enersis suisse ag
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